Sprouting Seeds

This is not even a seedling, just a seed… a thought in our heads which is currently germinating into a beautiful project: the Beetroot Café, in Edinburgh. We have a vision of a world where people are healthy in mind and body, living in harmony with nature and preserving this Earth which nurtures us. We want to provide a city sanctuary where we can do this…

How? By helping people re-connect with their own nature, by allowing them to make healthy food choices, by healing their relationship with plants and our Earth. People can already do it for themselves: their own practice – be it meditation, yoga, tai chi or other – to keep strong and happy, their own growing of fruits and vegetables – in an urban or peri-urban environment -, their own deep connection with the rest of the community. We want to enable that power in those who haven’t tapped into it yet.

This is going to be beautiful, this is going to be big! If you feel inspired and want to contribute your skills, knowledge, or anything else, we would love to hear from you.


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