Our Food and Drinks

We serve beautiful and delicious, freshly prepared plant-based food. We try to follow the seasons and source our produce locally, however when this is not possible, we make sure that our suppliers have ethical practices and are fair to producers.

None of our recipes contain refined sugar. To sweeten our cakes, ice creams and smoothies, we use only natural and unprocessed alternatives: maple syrup, dates, bananas, raisins…

Our food is highly nutritious and also completely vegan, but we prefer the term plant-based, as it describes in more simple terms where our food comes from. Our cheesecakes contain cashew and other nuts, so please don’t order these if you have nut allergies.

We make our own oat, seed and nut “milks” freshly in-house. If you’re ever curious about how to milk an almond, we will be happy to show you!

If you feel inspired and want to have a go at preparing these foods yourself, why not check our calendar of food preparation workshops (coming soon), have a look at our recipe section (coming soon) or contact us.

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