The Ultimate Plant-Based Midnight Snack: the Humble Hotdog 

Saturday night and I’m up for a little midnight snack. You know the one. A sudden onset groin strain having prevented my good friend from popping round to ours for a spot of dinner (completely true), I ended up with a surplus of saucissons briochés, which I baked today using a recipe from my latest cookbook acquisition: Vegan Boulangerieby Marianne & Jean-Michel. A rosemary & onion sausage baked inside a savoury leavened pastry enriched with vegan butter and almond milk. What’s not to like? 

With Hasselback potatoes and roast kohlrabi, butternut and sweet potato
When the late snacking hour arrived, I decided to up the game a bit and create a hot dog, half-inspired by T***o’s little helpers, awesome plant-pusher chefs and brothers from Wicked Healthy and their latest media appearance in collaboration with the above supermarket (don’t comment below please if you know which one, there are no prizes here): the Mushroom Bun Plant-based recipe video

To make the Ultimate hot dog 🌭, I had to think like them: 20% wicked 80% healthy. Although I would argue that depending on your definition of wicked, the food should be 100% wicked every time. I also had to have all the ingredients made within the last few weeks to today: fermented purple kraut, wild garlic Beltane pesto, and whole grain mustard veganaise. The staples of sweet dill pickle, mustard and ketchup are always to hand in my kitchen. And I had to have those freshly baked all important leftover saucissons briochés

The recipe for plant-based saucisson brioché (aka sausage in a bun, aka kinda-sausage-calzone aka sausage roll at the top of The Eiffel Tower) is super simple, albeit slightly time consuming due to proving times – so you need to start at least 3h30 hours before you want to eat them. Yes, but it’s the weekend, so that’s completely fine. And you get to finish that sourdough bread as well while you’re at it (totally true).

Recipe for Vegan Saucisson Brioché 

Mix together 500g plain flour, 25g sugar and a heaped tablespoon of dry yeast. Make a well, then pour in 300ml plant milk (I used almond) at room temperature, and add 50g of vegan butter, chopped into little pieces. Start mixing with a wooden spoon then continue with the hands and start kneading quickly to make the butter disappear, until the dough is smooth and slightly elastic. Drop into a dish, cover with a cloth and leave for 2 hours in a warm space or  somewhere free of draughts. In the meantime cook 6 vegan sausages in the oven – I used Linda McCartney’s rosemary & red onion – and leave them to cool down. When the dough has risen, roll it out into a rectangle about 8mm thick and cut into 6 rectangles. Spread thinly with mustard if required or remembered (I forgot to do this but it was still delicious 😋), place a sausage along one side of each rectangle, wrap the dough around each sausage and seal the join with cold water. Pinch the ends so the sausage isn’t poking out 😂

Bake for 20 mins at 180 C. Leave to cool for at least 15 mins before attempting to cut. 

Recipe for the Ultimate Hot Dog

Only cut the brioche bun in half until you can see the sausage, open up the bun, spread wild garlic pesto on one side, whole grain mustard veganaise on the other and pile in chopped up sweet dill pickle and fermented purple sauerkraut. Standard.

Homemade veganaise
Homemade purple sauerkraut
Locally foraged wild garlic pesto

Vegan hotdog
Savour the explosive colours. flavours and textures of the ultimate vegan hotdog accompanied by some freshly brewed strawberry kombucha.

Next mission: make this gluten-free and use a “carrot dog” as a sausage.

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