A Holistic Café in Edinburgh

Imagine if you could walk in to a simple café, and leave feeling happier, more relaxed, revitalised, and with long-lasting tools to look after yourself. When you’re feeling stressed and already don’t have enough time for yourself, you don’t really want to go to lots of different spots,  wasting your time travelling around and spending energy booking different well-being services, to finally find that the food served does not cater for your dietary requirements. Beetroot provides yoga and meditation classes, therapies, and serves delicious plant-based and healthy food and drinks, all under one roof.

After spending years dealing with problems related to eating animal-based products,  we have personally experienced the healing power of foods made only from plants, and we invite you to sample our beautiful dishes in the relaxed atmosphere of Beetrot Café. We are Azra, a trained nutritionist and osteopath, and Marie-Anne, a former veterinary scientist. We both cook from the heart and love preparing tasty and beautiful natural dishes everyone will enjoy.

We created our social enterprise to help you understand how food choices can affect you, so we also run cookery classes and nutrition workshops. We also know that yoga, tai chi, breathwork and mindfulness can change your life, whether you suffer from depression and anxiety, or just experience day-to-day stress. We are not-for-profit, because we believe this is the best way to serve you.


Azra: “With an eating disorder from a young age, I was drawn to drugs and alcohol, which just made my life worse. When I couldn’t get much lower, I discovered the power of self-care: I had counselling, but yoga, meditation and osteopathy really helped me see that there were tools I could use that would serve me better than my earlier unhealthy coping mechanisms. As I re-assessed my whole being,  I realised that what I was choosing to eat was also affecting my spiritual, mental and physical health, and I opted for a plant-based diet. I have been running vegan cookery classes and I am fully trained as a nutritionist. I have been practising osteopathy for the last ten years.”

Marie-Anne: “As a child, I always had a calling to prevent animal suffering, and I became a vet as a result. I was also cooking for the family from a young age, as I shared my French grandmothers’ and mother’s love of traditional cooking. When I became a mother myself, I instinctively turned to natural therapies and studied herbal medicine, yoga, and reiki (Level II),  as I felt these would support me and my family best. Since becoming aware of alternatives to animal products and the health benefits of cutting these out, I started innovating with plant-based cooking. As a young mother struggling with the pressure and isolation of having young children, yoga, breathwork and meditation have helped me cope, and they continue to do so in my parenting journey.”

Beetroot Café is a city sanctuary where you can re-connect to yourself through delicious food from plants and well-being classes and therapies. We are currently looking for premises, but will be opening in 2017 near you.

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What do you feed your body and soul? What nurtures you?
The survival of the human species and all species on this fragile planet is at our discretion. What each of us feeds our mind, body, and soul creates the landscapes we live in (Donna Maltz, CEO of Soil to Soul).

If you would like more information or join us on our adventure, give us a shout via our Contact page.